Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Kitchen damage due to lightening strike

Kitchen Demolition in Batavia, Ohio

This customer's home was tragically damaged by a lightning strike. SERVPRO responded to the call by quickly drying out the home and cleaning up the aftermath of the fire. We are always here to help 24/7. 

Soot damage on cabinets.

Fire Damage in Symmes, Ohio

Cooking fires are one of the leading causes of fires in a home. And damage from a fire is not always limited to the immediate area of the fire. This photo shows the soot left behind after a stove fire in Symmes, Ohio.

Room of a home with fire damage.

Fire Damage in Cincinnati, Ohio

The SERVPRO of Northeast Cincinnati fire technicians are trained to clean and restore a property and its contents that have been damaged by fire and smoke. They use advanced cleaning techniques and equipment to eliminate odor and residue left by smoke and soot.

Kitchen in a home showing stove after fire damage. Stove and microwave shows soot and smoke damage.

Fire Damage in Loveland, Ohio

A grease fire caused damage in a home located in Loveland, Ohio and SERVPRO of Northeast Cincinnati was called to provide cleanup services. Many home fires are the result of cooking mishaps. It is very important to learn safety tips in the kitchen in order to help prevent home fires.

Caring for Contents after Fire Damage in Cincinnati

After a fire, if a property requires extensive restoration or cleaning due to the damage, the SERVPRO of Northeast Cincinnati fire technicians can conduct an organized and efficient pack and move out of the contents in the affected areas. This will enable a quicker restoration process of the structure and protect the contents from further damage during the process.

Fire Damage in Cincinnati, Ohio

When fire damage strikes a home in Montgomery, Blue Ash, Loveland, or another Cincinnati area neighborhood, SERVPRO of Northeast Cincinnati is Here to Help! Our technicians are trained to restore the structure as well as the contents of the home. They will pack and move the contents from the home during the restoration process and then once restoration is complete, they return them to the home.

Fire Damage in Sharonville, Ohio

The SERVPRO of Northeast Cincinnati technicians are fire and water restoration specialists. We have the training, experience and specialized equipment necessary to restore a home or business after a fire damage event. This photo shows an ozone machine that was set up in a Sharonville home to help eliminate the odor left after a fire.

SERVPRO of Northeast Cincinnati Restores Contents After Home Fire

When a fire occurs in a home, not only the structure of the home is affected, but the contents of the home are damaged as well. The fire technicians at SERVPRO of Northeast Cincinnati are trained in the special techniques it takes to restore items after a fire. This chair was brought to our warehouse for restoration after a home fire. The smoke and soot damage can be seen in the photo.

Fire Damage in Sharonville, Ohio

After a home fire, the damage left behind isn't only in the room where the fire occurred. A fire in the basement at this home left soot and smoke damage throughout the home. SERVPRO of Northeast Cincinnati specializes in cleaning and restoration after fire damage to get the property and its contents back to preloss condition.

Community Event in Cincinnati Brings Fire Safety Awareness

The SERVPRO of Northeast Cincinnati staff had a great time participating in a Community Day to help bring fire safety awareness to residents in Cincinnati. It was a day full of fun with fire trucks, helicopters, fire demonstrations, crafts, food and more!

Contents of Home Damaged by Fire

A fire not only damages the structure of a property, the contents of the home are affected as well. This photo shows a child’s toy covered in soot after a fire in a home near Sharonville, Ohio. SERVPRO of Northeast Cincinnati specializes in restoring contents damaged by fire.

Restoring Contents after Fire Damage

In instances where there is major fire damage to a home it is sometimes necessary to pack and move all the contents offsite for restoration. This photo shows some of the contents of a home after a fire near Sharonville, Ohio. SERVPRO of Northeast Cincinnati crews packed the contents and brought them to our warehouse. They then inventoried and recorded each item and restored them. And then, once structural repairs on the home were complete, they returned the contents to the home.

SERVPRO Crews Haul Away Debris After Fire Damage

The SERVPRO of Northeast Cincinnati van is loaded up and ready to haul away the debris after cleaning up a home damaged by a fire. Our fire crews respond quickly to return a home to pre loss condition as soon as possible!

Kitchen Fire in Montgomery, Ohio

As can be seen in this photo, home fires can be devastating. This is fire damage in the kitchen of a home in Montgomery, Ohio. The contents throughout this home were damaged by the smoke and soot from the fire. SERVPRO of Northeast Cincinnati responded quickly to clean and restore many of the contents and get them back to preloss condition.

SERVPRO of Northeast Cincinnati Restores Items After Fire Damage in Montgomery, Ohio

James works meticulously to clean and restore this ornate chair affected by fire damage to a home in Montgomery, Ohio. James has many years of experience working with carpet and upholstery and can effectively clean items that are moderately to heavily soiled.

SERVPRO of Northeast Cincinnati Offers 24 Hour Emergency Service

SERVPRO of Northeast Cincinnati provides emergency cleaning and restoration services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If you wake up to fire or water damage, call (513) 530-9688 any time, day or night, and we are there to answer your call.