Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold Damage in Montgomery, Ohio

An undetected water leak can cause mold in addition to the water damage if it is not found and successfully mitigated. That is what caused this mold damage in this Montgomery, Ohio home. It is very important to respond quickly to any water damage so that further damage and costs can be prevented!

SERVPRO of Northeast Cincinnati Handles Mold Damage in Car

SERVPRO of Northeast Cincinnati was called to provide mold remediation services when mold was found growing in this car. For this project, it was necessary for our technicians to remove different parts of the car so that each piece could be thoroughly cleaned. Once the process was complete, the car was put back together and ready to go!

Mold Damage in Montgomery, Ohio

Mold often becomes an issue following water damage because it thrives in moist areas. This property in Montgomery, Ohio suffered water damage due to a malfunctioning sprinkler system. As a result, mold was found under the wallpaper. SERVPRO of Northeast Cincinnati specializes in mold remediation and was ready to help!

Mold Damage after Water Damage

Mold can quickly become a problem if moisture is present in a home. A pipe burst in this home in Cincinnati, Ohio, caused water damage and eventually led to mold damage. In this photo, the mold can be seen under the carpets that were saturated with water after the water leak.

Mold Damage in Reading, Ohio

What is that dark spot on the ceiling? The owner of this home in Reading, Ohio gave SERVPRO of Northeast Cincinnati a call when he discovered a small area of mold on the drywall in the basement. Mold can spread quickly if not treated properly so this problem was taken care of right away!

Mold Remediation Required in Blue Ash, Ohio

An undetected water leak was the cause of this mold found in a property located in Blue Ash, Ohio. If a property suffers a water damage, a mold infestation can quickly result and spread throughout the property. Because of this, it is important to respond quickly to any water damage so that further damage and costs can be prevented.

Mold Remediation in Blue Ash, Ohio Home

If a water damage is not taken care of quickly, mold can grow! And that is exactly what happened at this home in Blue Ash, Ohio. Several months following a water damage, mold was discovered on the carpet, drywall and baseboards of this home. The homeowners gave us a call and our expert technicians took care of the problem!

SERVPRO of Northeast Cincinnati Provides Mold Remediation

A SERVPRO of Northeast Cincinnati production employee is performing mold remediation on a car that was exposed to excessive water damage. For this job, our professional wore personal protection equipment which includes a tyvec suit and a full face respirator.